Asheville Scottish Rite Bodies Officers

Lodge of Perfection

Venerable Master: Joe Silberman

Senior Warden: Rusty Woomer

Junior Warden: Dave Cashion

Master of Ceremonies: Larry Dotson, Jr. 

Expert: Michael Coffey 

Assistant Expert: Larry Peek

Captain of the Host: Clayton Harpold

Tyler: David Gale

Prelate: James Corley

Buncombe Chapter of Rose Croix

Wise Master: Rory Justin Byers

Senior Warden: Dave Cashion

Junior Warden: Larry Dotson, Jr. 

Master of Ceremonies: Christian Mcloud

Expert: Clayton Harpold

Assistant Expert: Lee Early 

Tyler: Rusty Woomer

Asheville Council of Kadosh

Commander: Jay Sowder

1st Lt Commander: Rory Justin Byers

2nd Lt Commander: Larry Dotson

Orator: Smith Gibbs

Chancellor: Lee Early

Marshall of Ceremonies: Larry Peek

Sentinel: Joe Silberman

Asheville Consistory

Master: Dave Cashion

Prior: Rory Justin Byers

Preceptor: Curtis Nugent

Chancellor: Christian Mcloud

Minister of State: Larry Dotson

Master of Ceremonies: Clayton Harpold

Tyler: Larry Peek

Advisory Conference

Term Expiring in December 2023

Bryant Webster

Dennis Wilkey

Michael Coffey

Larry Peek 

Term Expiring in December 2024

Rory Justin Byers

Dave Cashion

Phil Pressley

Rusty Woomer

All Scottish Rite Bodies

Almoner: Gus Sims

Treasurer: Bryant Webster

Personal Rep: W. Berry Rigdon

Valley Secretary: Tony Rathbone

Webmaster:  Rory Justin Byers